Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) has 10 buildings in TecnoGetafe that house a large Central Services Building, together with the Technology Centers of Mines, Industrial and Aeronautics.

The central services building functions as a research support center and is placed at the service of other university buildings.

The UPM offers to the companies linked to the Park professional services of location, administration, technological surveillance, supercomputing, valorization of technologies, consulting and intellectual property.

Industrial Technology Center

It houses the Official Central Laboratory of Electrotechnology (LCOE), with its Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vehicles and High Voltage Divisions, and the Solar Thermal and Hydrogen Labs.

Aeronautical Technology Center

Integrated by the laboratories of Advanced Aeronautical Materials, Turbomachinery and Aeroacoustics, as well as a research center on air traffic control, constituted as Economic Interest Grouping between AENA and UPM.

Mine Technology Center

Integrated by laboratories José de Madariaga (LOM), of Materials Testing for Construction, of Petróleos Gómez Pardo (UPM – FGP and of Flammability Tests).