Science and Technology Park TecnoGetafe is an initiative of the Madrid Region and the City Council of Getafe

Both Administrations have established an urbanistic consortium in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

  • TecnoGetafe is a Science and Technology Park

    The science and technology parks are spaces and facilities of high quality where the flow of knowledge and technology between universities and research institutions, companies and markets is stimulated and managed.

  • TecnoGetafe is developed on an almost one million m² area

    (approximately one hundred hectares) located in the Madrid municipality of Getafe, and it is divided into two adjacent spaces of 577,407 and 400,208 m² respectively.

  • TecnoGetafe is in the first phase of commercialization of 200,000 m² of land

    with plots from 2,100 to 24,037 m² perfectly equipped.